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Video games have been around forever. I’ll never forget the way I felt when I was a child riding my bike to the nearest game rental place to grab some games for the weekend. I would spend hours on hours playing. Wish I knew you could make money back then, but that’s a story for a different time. There are a ton of different video games out there, and there’s tons of consoles and platforms. This list focuses on the top 10 selling video games of all time. It has nothing to do with playability or fun. So forget game play quality when looking at this list. This is just the list of the video games that have sold the most. Ready to find out who’s number one? Read on friends.

10. Wii Sports Resorts

Nintendo Wii Sports Resorts – #10 Top Selling Video Games

I’ll be the first to admit, I never played this one for more than a few minutes. It’s the sequel to Wii Sports. While I didn’t play this title much, they did bring back the popular the Golf and Bowling games that were very popular in the original.

Definitely a big hit to bring together family and all ages of gamers. It also showed what Wii MotionPlus could do. Tons of games on this title. And absolutely one for a wide generation of gaming fans to play and enjoy.

9. Mario Kart Wii

Nintendo really nailed it with the Mario Kart series. This one was their most popular. I’ve spent some time playing some Mario Kart in my day. Although, I was more of an older console fan than I was the Wii, the Wii Mario Kart title still holds up to be an excellent game.

The game even had an accessory piece in the Wii Steering Wheel. You put the controller inside and you could steer like you were driving an actual car. If you were anything like me, you definitely took the turns wayyy too agressively.

8. Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus

This one might be a surprise to some people. But consider this, a lot of the people who bought this title weren’t your traditional gamer. A lot of buyers were older people looking for the next fitness app or trend.

And since tons of kids already had Wiis in their home, this was an easy buy for the parents. Pretty sure I know of a few girls who tried this form of exercise out. Leave it to Nintendo to think of a great idea like exercising while playing video games.

7. Pokemon Green, Yellow, Red, Blue

Let’s go GameBoy breaking the top 10. GameBoy was an amazing console. Such a trendsetter. And Pokemon, of course, is a massive global brand. These games are still sought after by collectors. Head over to the kando Marketplace and see if you can find a listing.

Pokemon will continue to release titles that will always be popular based on their brand recognition alone. In this game, you still have to catch them all. Check it out.

6. Super Mario Bros.

The granddaddy of them all. Super Mario Bros. was a game that I spent months playing. And then it launched sequels in Mario 2 and 3. The whole series set forth a massive overtaking of video games and created a marketing force that lasts to this day. Furthermore, Mario himself, is one of the most recognizable faces in the world.

In truth, this game can be beaten in under 15 minutes. But that’s not the beauty of it. The beauty of this game is the fact that it still holds up today. The game broke down walls and opened up gates for future gaming and set the bar really high. If you want a deep dive review on Super Mario Bros. for Nintendo, go check out the fine folks at RetroGameMan. He’s got a fine site deep diving into different titles.

5. Playerunkown’s Battlegrounds

This shooter creates an action packed platform that is often credited for bringing the battle royal genre into fame. In PUBG, 100 players are dropped onto an island forced to fight it out to see who the last person standing will be. Kind of reminiscent of that “Stone Cold” Steve Austin movie, The Condemned. While The Condemned didn’t exactly gain critic acclaim, PUBG did.

While not as popular as the free to play Fortnite, this title should get some thanks from Fortnite for making that genre huge. The PUBG can be a great game for casual gamers as well as the serious gamers. Check it out.

4. Wii Sports

This game launched the Wii system. It came free with the console purchase. Who remembers setting up their Mii character and then competing against their family members in bowling, golf, or even boxing? Another statistic I would be interested in seeing is how many televisions were broken by people losing control of the Wii controller and not using the string attachment.

This game is still a very popular title on the secondary market. Check out kando’s Marketplace and see if you can grab one. This game is definitely worth the value you’ll find it for and has great replay value even all these years later.

3. Grand Theft Auto 5

GTA, Grand Theft Auto, has become a giant franchise from Rockstar Games. This installment has a single player game mode where you play three different characters. Each has their own personality and story. The stories intertwine with one another. The open world that GTA boasts is simply amazing. However, this kind of open world can leave players getting distracted from the campaign story and headed off to play around in the world.

Released in 2013, there’s still a large amount of gamers who play the multiplayer story and also continue to get updates to keep the game going. If you haven’t played this yet, you’re missing out on a ton of gaming fun. The Grant Theft Auto franchise overall has got to be at the top selling video games list of franchises.

2. Tetris

I can’t think of a single person I know that doesn’t know what Tetris is, or at least hasn’t heard of it. It’s a simple game in concept. You piece different shaped blocks together in an effort to create a full row that then eliminates that row. The goal is to set a high score.

The game is simply iconic. It debuted all the way back in 1984. Tetris can be found on almost every gaming platform. The concept is simple, but can be very addicting. Other popular titles like Candy Crush have created the addictive gameplay mimicking Tetris. That addiction has spawn tons of reviews and discussion on games being addictive. Tetris might be even higher on the top selling video games list if you count all of the different versions or games that were created with it’s outline.

1. Minecraft

Minecraft has carved its way into the world’s hearts. It’s a rather simple game in fact. The graphics and gameplay are relatively simple and easy. I think in the case of most things, keeping it simple is never a bad idea.

Since being released Minecraft has since become a global brand with all kinds of merchandise and different iterations. What keeps Minecraft going is the massive, and loyal player community. That community has grown with the game. If you’re a Minecraft fan, tell us why over at kando’s Online Community Forum. The player base is the reason why it’s earned its spot at the top of the top selling video game list.

In conclusion…

There you have it. That’s the top 10 games in relation to units sold. That has nothing to do with quality of gameplay. I’d love to hear what you guys think. Any titles on the list of top selling video games surprise you? Any games you’re surprised didn’t make it? Leave some comments and let’s start the discussion.

If you liked this kind of content what other top 10 lists would you like to see? And as always, we love what we’ve seen so far with the #kandoShowcase movement. It’s great seeing the collections of others around the world. Keep using it and let us see what you have.

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