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kando’s Video Gamer Marketplace is Open!

ATTENTION Video Gamers and Fans of Video Games:

If you’re a collector like me, most often you have doubles and triples of things you don’t need anything longer. Well, kando’s Online Gaming Marketplace is perfect for that. Set up your profile here now.

Buy and sell video games, consoles, and more using kando’s online marketplace. Create a user profile and then list your items for sale. Or create a user profile and purchase the items listed by other members. Or just browse and take a trip down video game memory lane.

Buyers of the Online Video Gamer Marketplace

It’s really easy to set up your profile. Use the same username as you did for the community page. But set up your profile for the marketplace, set your budget, and spend. You get a money back guarantee if the item you bought wasn’t as described. And we’re always here to help if there’s any other buyer related problem.

Bought something you want to show off?  Show it off to the world.  Place your listing you just won right on your social media.  Or better yet, send us a picture of your new prized possession joining your massive video game library.  

Sellers of the Online Gaming Marketplace

You’re the backbone of this whole operation. We need you to list what you have so you can get PAID! If you’re sitting on some stuff you haven’t been able to sell or haven’t gotten around to listing, here’s the perfect chance. Throw your video games on the marketplace.

You’ll pay legit half the fees that the guys at eBay charge. Fees are a flat 5% across all categories. You get paid instantly with PayPal. There’s nothing like eBay holding your funds so they can leverage it in the form of loans. Communicate with your buyer and set the expectations and let’s get selling.