Hello kando, what’s your favorite gaming console?

kando – The world’s first online marketplace and community for all things gaming.

Welcome to kando. kando was created to give the gaming community a one stop hub for all things related to video games. From talking to playing. From gaming consoles to video games. kando has it all. Here’s a quick run down of what we do at kando, plus I challenge you at the end.

kando’s Online Marketplace Exclusively For the Gaming Community

kando has an online marketplace that can connect you to buyers and sellers of exclusively video gaming items.  Looking for a new PlayStation game?  Check the marketplace.  Have a retro gaming console like a Sega Genesis you want to sell? List it on the marketplace. The marketplace was designed for gamers by gamers.  You can check out the marketplace here.

kando’s Online Gamers Only Community Discussion Forum

And as an added feature, kando also hosts a community forum.  The community forum is a dedicated space where the gaming community can come together and discuss video games, video gaming consoles or platforms, recent games, cheat codes, gaming strategies, get repair advice on retro gaming equipment, and more.  Let’s talk Nintendo, the original Nintendo, Atari, Sega, and more retro gaming consoles.  There’s even a place to unwind and just talk about life.  Check out the online community forum here.

kando’s Gaming News & Opinion Blog – Be a guest writer!

In addition, kando will also host a regular blog discussing the news and different opinions on games and the gaming community.  Would you like to be a guest blogger?  Well let us know by dropping a line to blog@gokandogames.com. We’re always looking for guests to contribute.  There is limited content at the moment, however; we will be uploading regular blog & news posts here.

kando’s Gaming Community Collector Showcase

And finally, kando wants to highlight you, the gaming community.  We want to see pictures of your collections and share them with the world.  Use the hashtag #kandoshowcase and post pictures of your collections and we’ll be sure to share them.  Let’s see that gaming setup.  Or let’s see the giant collection of Super Nintendo cartridges. Do you own a massive amount of one specific gaming console? Like me with 12 PlayStation 2s. We’ll feature them on our site.  You can check out video gaming collections here.

Why Join kando’s Online Gaming Community?

Why not? It’s 100% free to join the online gaming forum. It’s free to join the video game marketplace. The question is why haven’t you yet? Join now. Invite your friends. In conclusion, kando is an all inclusive gamer community for the newer gaming platform fans as well as the retro gaming fans.  There is no right or wrong.  If you can play it, we can talk about it.  We’re always open for input, so if you have a suggestion, please drop us a line at member members@gokandogames.com. Let’s make kando the best thing that’s happened to video gaming since the NES.

Retro or Modern Gaming Platforms

What’s your favorite gaming console?

Here’s your call to action kando community. I want to know what you think is the absolute best console you’ve ever put your hands on. Is it the Atari 2600? I know I played that a ton as a child. Or maybe it’s the Super Nintendo? I still play Super Mario RPG to this day. Or perhaps you’re a XBox fan? I suppose there had to be one or two of you out there.

Whatever it is, I want to know. Drop me a line at kevin@gokandogames.com and tell me your absolute best favorite console. I’ll pick the best submission to put together a story. If you want you can join the kando Facebook group. Pop over at our official Facebook Community group here. Eventually, I’ll be giving away parts of my giant collection of 5,000+ video games to members on here and social media.

Get out there and play.





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