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kando Online Gaming Community & Marketplace is looking for bloggers to join our team. Do you like video games? Like to talk about gaming? Well then this might be the perfect pairing for you. We need contributors and bloggers!

Contributors are free to also use the platform to help with co-promotion of our site and your site, channel, or podcast. Contributors or bloggers can write when they want and no schedule is set in stone.

Therefore, if you would like to join the team send us an e-mail at
Write about what you want, instead of being given demands. Join the growing community and also grow your brand in the process.

Collection to Show Off? Share it for our Showcase.

We’re also looking for contributors to help grow our kando Showcase, a forum where we will highlight the collections of gamers around the world. You can submit pictures and a brief summary of you video game collection by sending us an e-mail at Pictures or collections can be of retro games, large video game collections, specific title collections. Moreso, it is what you want.

Furthermore, we highly encourage readers to share this post and also check out our Facebook group, the Facebook kando Community. You’re free to join, just like the rest of our services.

Online Buyers & Sellers! Contributors Wanted in Our Marketplace.

Know someone who wants to sell their video game collection? Send them this way. It’s a targeted marketplace where you are only selling to video gamers, meaning less competition. Plus the seller fees are literally half of eBay. And as a buyer you’ll encounter less scams because the sellers are also video gamers.

kando was built with the idea that gamers from around the globe could come together in one location. No need for several different sites or marketplaces. And since we’re brand new, a fact we often forget, we know it will take time to grow. However, we can grow much faster with your support!

Let us if you want to blog. Also, e-mail us to show off your collections. If you want, you can just drop a line to say hello. Would love to hear from you. Thanks guys.

Also, don’t forget to follow us on social media. We’ll be giving away part of our game collection on those platforms soon!

Until next time friends.



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