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The Best Collectors Resource – A Beginners How To

“But what it doesn’t take into consideration, is that 75% of eBay buyers never make it to page 2 of the search results. They say the best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of an eBay search. “

Contributors Wanted – Bloggers, Buyers & Sellers

“If you’re interested in co-promotion, or just contributing to the site, I can’t encourage e-mailing us enough.”

Top 10 Selling Video Games of all Time

“There are a ton of different video games out there, and there’s tons of consoles and platforms. This list focuses on the top selling video games of all time. It has nothing to do with playability or…

Hello kando, what’s your favorite gaming console?

I want to know what you think is the absolute best console you’ve ever put your hands on. Is it the Atari 2600? I know I played that a ton as a child. Or maybe it’s the Super Nintendo? I still pla…


What is kando?

kando was designed as an all-in-one spot for gamers to come together.

kando is an Online Marketplace, Community Discussion Forum, Blog with News, Opinions & Reviews, plus a Collector Showcase to show off our members and their video game collections. In addition, as we grow we’ll add more highlights.

kando offers more than the average marketplace.

For starters, kando’s Online Marketplace is exclusively for video games and gaming. Members can buy or sell all things gaming. In addition our fees are 50% less than any major online marketplace.

Online Marketplace

Completely free to join, our marketplace is unique because it’s exclusively video games and gaming.

Community Forum Discussion

Another feature, our online gaming community. Log in and discuss your favorite games or consoles.

Blog – News, Opinions & Reviews

Our blog post will be updated often with the latest gaming news, retro game reviews, The Top 10 List, and more.


Membership is 100% free.

Our forum, blog, resources & marketplace are all free to access.


We want to highlight YOU.

We always want our community to contribute with pictures, guest blogs, reviews, and more.


Gamers Only

Video games are what we do. kando was built for gamers by gamers.